More Than Just a Footbag Show in Chile

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A recent footbag session in Santiago’s Plaza de Armas turned into more of a cultural experience, with a live band joining in the fun.

The band played while Daniel Boyle gave a footbag demonstration for some interested onlookers. You can see the video below of the show. Daniel used a Phat Tyre bag.



Despite never having met, everyone involved was able to put on a great show for the passers by in Santiago’s downtown area. Daniel managed all most three minutes before dropping the bag.

Daniel Boyle was joined by a live band in Santiago.

Daniel Boyle was joined by a live band in Santiago.

Thanks to the donated bags from Flying Clipper, the sport is gaining traction in Chile, with a demonstration at the recent Milk Cup qualifiers in Colina and meetings with various charities in order to use footbag as a tool for personal development in poor communities, as well as the ongoing footbag and English classes.

Aside from these developments, some of Chile’s best freestyle football players have also taken to footbag. While Vasek, Honza and others have led the way with the transition from footbag to freestyle football, there are fewer cases of others coming into the sport of footbag.

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