The Footbag Gospel – A Guest Post by Hack Master Derrick Fogle

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Derrick Fogle is a member of the Footbag Hall of Fame and a very good friend and former competitor with Jim Fitzgerald, or Toes, the President of Flying Clipper ! We chat with him a bit back and forth with our Twitter accounts and his  @h4x354x0r Twitter account as well. We feel like he’s a real pal :)

Recently Derrick got an inspired idea to run a series of posts called The Footbag Gospel. You can catch  most of the action over at his personal blog , but he’s decided to write a guest post just for our blog here at Flying Clipper. Thanks Derrick!



Today, something new related to footbag happened. That’s a bit unusual, considering I’ve been playing and promoting for over 30 years, and I’ve experienced just about everything by now.

But today, something new happened. Since joining Twitter, I’ve used it as a ‘gerilla’ marketing tool. First, I just tweeted out sessions and links to blogs and videos. Then, I started searching Twitter after each session, retweeting, favoriting, and replying to everyone’s tweets about the old, shirtless Hack Man (me!) in Speakers Circle. Last fall, I was excited to get 6 new followers in a week.

This week, I’ve snagged about 50 followers; almost all students. Since the start of semester, the interaction I’ve gotten there has been incredible. I’ve been catapulted well over the 1,000 follower mark.

But more importantly, I finally “connected” in a way that has expanded my vision. I’m following enough students now, that my twitter stream almost always has a couple tweets from local students on the screen. The majority, just bitching about school (including sometimes valid criticism), but… almost always funny. This entire school has a PhD in sarcasm. I love it!

For the first time today, I read enough tweets from students that I got a glimpse, a feel, an real understanding, of what the day was like out there for them. It was really cool, and I even got a couple chances to engage. I always try to tweet back some encouragement when I see a student mention an upcoming test.

So yes, today, once again, something new and cool happened, because I took a lifetime of footbag, shook with a bag full of Twitter, and baked in a campus full of students. Turns out to be a delicious recipe!


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