Sponsored Event Follow-Up: 30th Annual East Coast Footbag Championships

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We posted about our sponsorship for this event in September, and we’ve rounded up video from the event to share with you! Enjoy! :)

Ivan, you can see, traveled to the event from Penn State University in Pennsylvania.  Ivan’s video footage is pretty much entirely from Saturday, the first day of the event.  It is a nice mix of footage from competition, casual shredding, and just the general scenery and crowd.


Molson Hart did a bunch of filming on the 2nd day, Sunday.  His footage is pretty much entirely of the competitive events, and its pretty much unedited, except that he broke the videos out into different videos of different events, or, videos of individuals performing their solo competitive routines.  He has a whole bunch of videos on his YouTube channel. Here are a couple of the videos of the individual freestyle routines from Sunday:





The Kikbo Company which was also there promoting the Chinese sport of Shuttlecock also has a ton of videos from the event, as well as some very exciting videos of their hybrid shuttlecocks in action!


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