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Niels Duinker accepts our challenge to make him the next set of juggle balls to be considered by him to use in a performance. We have just sent him 10 Tossaball Hybrid Performance juggle balls made to his specifications for weight and diameter. We sourced for real Ultra Leather® and not just any man-made leather to insure the highest quality fabric. Weighing in at a whopping 180 grams and three inches in diameter, these all white juggle balls are not meant for every juggler, just the great Niels Duinker and we hope he likes them. We have a lighter version of the same ball offered in limited quantity at Flying Clipper. com and like all of our juggle balls these beauties are hand made and washable.

We appreciate Niels Duinker for his feedback which is helping us craft great juggle balls.

Tossaball Hybrid Performance Juggle Ball

Tossaball Hybrid Performance Juggle Ball

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