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Here at Flying Clipper we have the best resources for learning how to juggle!

We offer many different types of media so you can have the best learning experience. Teach yourself to juggle using one of  these “learn to juggle” DVDs or books featuring champion jugglers providing instruction from the most basic juggling through advanced juggling skills.


Ball Juggling

Ball Juggling featuring Rob Weinstein is a straight forward teaching method designed to get you up and juggling like a pro even if you’ve never juggled before. Featuring slow motion footage and step by step instruction that is appropriate for everyone ages eight to eighty.


Do You Want To Learn Juggling From Beginner To Pro

In this DVD Will Roya will teach you everything from beginner to pro in the art of juggling.


Beyond The Cascade

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished 3-ball juggler, this book will take you Beyond The Cascade. By following the step-by-step instructions, you’ll go beyond – way – beyond – the basic 3 ball cascade pattern and learn over 100 of the finest 3 ball tricks known to jugglekind.


The Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling

From the three ball cascade to the five ball Mills Mess and beyond, no beanbag has been left undropped in the search for wilder, wackier and more wonderful tricks to include in this, the most comprehensive collection of ball-juggling tricks ever.





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