Flying Clipper is an Official Sponsor of the 2013 Flatland Juggling Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska

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We’re sponsoring this festival with a 7-ball  set of our all-new Phatty 14 Fleece juggle balls! These are a brand new take on our now-famous Phat Tyre Juggle Balls! These “Hands and Feet” balls are designed for juggling with both your hands and feet! This is a revolutionary new type of juggling being performed by some of the most talented jugglers in the industry today! We’ve got tons of rave reviews about these juggle balls and the rest of our products. Check out each individual product page for more reviews on that particular product too. And you can always find great reviews here on our blog too!



From the Flatland 2013 Website:

Note: NEW DATES!!!
JUNE 21, 22, 23 (Fri, Sat, Sun), 2013 ***
‘Flatland Juggling’

See more about the Saturday Juggling Show Extravaganza!
Check out Flatland History!



Darn near everything’s @ Park Center Banquet Hall
2682 Park Boulevard, Lincoln, NE 68502 –
Google MAP

Note: Park Center Banquet Hall is about 3 blocks west of the Bison Banquet Hall (2011 Flatland’s Location.)

Friday Open Juggling (Park Center Banquet Hall)
 party (Park Boulevard Banquet Hall)

Saturday Public Show (Park Center Banquet Hall)
Saturday Party 
(Park Center Banquet Hall)
Saturday Renegade (Park Center Banquet Hall)

Sunday Boomerangs (Standing Bear Park)
Sunday Disk Golf (TBA)
Sunday Brunch 
(Park Center Banquet Hall)

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