Flying Clipper Donates 100 Footbags to Daniel Boyle in Chile to Help Promote Footbag and Learning in South America

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As we mentioned briefly in a previous post, we just sent 100 footbags to Daniel Boyle in Chile! He’s doing work with children in schools to help them learn English using Footbag. Lots of kids just have too much energy in class, and he’s found a way to use sports to teach subjects like English. He’s trying hard to get his program off the ground, and we’re helping him out with some free bags and access to our platform to write about his experiences.

Daniel is a professional writer and has agreed to send us occasional updates for the blog and even some video content to share with our awesome fans — that’s you!! We’re super excited about this partnership, and we can’t wait for our bags to clear Chilean customs and start getting distributed! 

Be sure to stay tuned here at the Flying Clipper blog and at our Twitter Page and Facebook for updates on how Daniel is doing and where his new bags ended up!

You can also follow Daniel on Twitter in case you just can’t wait to hear what he is up to :)

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