Flying Clipper and the Jacob & Benjamin Special Needs Fund

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Jacob & Ben Special Needs Fund

Here at Flying Clipper we believe that everyone deserves the chance to have fun and pursue the hobbies that make them most joyful. That’s why we’ve decided to partner with the Jacob & Benjamin Special Needs Fund by donating our products to support Jacob & Benjamin’s mission of helping Special Needs Children. We’re excited to announce this new partnership and we hope you’ll make a generous donation of your own as well.


Jake is 13 and has been in a wheelchair since just before he was 11. Ben is now 11 and still able to walk but is having greater difficulty walking longer distances or climbing stairs. He now depends on a special needs stroller for longer walks, when shopping and going to school.

Their mother, who is raising the boys alone, now lives with her parents who help as much as they can but cannot shoulder the significant financial burdens of this disorder.

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