Flying Clipper And Kenny Shults Bring You Tricks Of The Trade

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Attention kickers!

Flying Clipper offers instructional videos for all level kickers!

In the Tricks of the Trade DvD, you can watch Kenny Shults, as he teaches the most basic to advanced stall techniques.
Every kicker will learn something useful and advance in their skills!

He even uses our Juice Facile Dirtbag Footbag in this video, which has helped Kenny win over 50 World Footbag titles.

Get Tricks of the Trade, as well as your very own Juice Facile Footbag today!

Still want to learn more?

Then get your hands on the Tricks of the Trade 2 DvD.

Kenny Shults is back for all your kickbagging needs! Watch him as he demonstrates new teaching techniques as well as archival footbag “foot”age from many of the past footbag greats including Dennis Ross, Jon Lind, and Rippin’ Rick Reese among others.

Get these instructional videos and more at Flying Clipper!

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