Phat Tyre Speeders, Alex Barron Juggling 11 Balls, and MORE!

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Flying Clipper has recently sent 24 juggle balls (11 Phat Tyre, 13 Phat Tyre Speeders) to Alex Barron of the UK. Alex is a world class numbers
juggler who has qualified 11 balls. Here is a link to a video of Alex juggling 11 balls:

Flying Clipper sought him out to test our new numbers juggling balls the Phat Tyre 12 and Phat Tyre Speeder. If you have not heard, Phat
Tyre juggle balls employ a unique blend of filler material consisting of recycled tire rubber and stainless steel pellets for filler material and are
not only 100% handmade but also machine washable.

Flying Clipper is obviously anxious to hear back from Alex and get his response and we will pass his feedback on to our fans when we receive

Our motto here is “When jugglers talk, Flying Clipper listens!”

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