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Good morning Jim,
I received my Phat Tyre Pro 90’s yesterday, and you were correct!  I love them!!  They are excellent to juggle with and exactly what I was looking for (something between a squishy beanbag and a more solid, stiffer ball).  I flashed up all five of them successfully several times last night, and they feel great plopping back down into my hands.  And the weight is perfect and definitely is helping me make more accurate throws.  I feel like these will go a long way towards helping me attain the 5 ball cascade I am after in the next month or two.  And I love the feel of them.  I could just hold one in my hand, tossing it around, stalling it, and squishing it, for hours I think!  Also, the electric yellow does indeed glow brightly under a black light, so that’s a bonus!!
Thanks for your help, and thanks so much for the logo carry bag!  I’ll almost assuredly be ordering more props from you guys in the future.

Note from Flying Clipper: We appreciate the feedback – please keep it coming.

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

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