Peter Irish to Attempt World Record for Foot Juggling with Flying Clipper’s Tossaball Juggle Balls!!

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This is huge news!

Peter Irish, the world-famous juggler and footbag enthusiast, will be using our brand new Tossaball Plush Puppies Juggle Balls to attempt a world record with Guinness World Records for juggling three balls with his feet!

Peter Irish is one of our heroes here at Flying Clipper. He’s been pioneering the sport of Hand and Feet Juggling for quite a while, and we’ve been pioneering our hybrid Tossaballs based on his recommendations for just about as long. Here is a great video of Peter using some of our products in his unique and amazing style!


As you can see, Peter Irish is a world-class juggler. We’re absolutely confident he will set the World Record this winter. We’ll be sure to post videos, pictures and as many details as we possibly can once we know more information! Stay tuned!

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Jim Fitzgerald

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