International Customer Review from Abu Dhabi! Tossaball Phat Tyre 32 Panel Juggle Ball

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This is another one of those amazing posts that we love so much:

Our fans test our products in amazing situations and report back to us on how they stand up in all kinds of weather and every season around the world. This time we’re hearing from Rhys Thomas in Abu Dhabi! Wow that’s a long way from our home here in Eugene, OR!! He says the balls are doing great in the heat and….well, just read it for yourself!!


Tossaball Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggle Ball

All weather wonder balls  All weather wonder balls

I’m testing these at 113 Fahrenheit in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and they rock the casbah! My other props are suffering texture problems from the sweat, heat and humidity, but these invitingly soft Phat Tyre Tossaballs feel fab. I got my first Flying Clipper balls decades ago and they’re still whole and hearty. These new puppies arrived feeling like old friends and are surviving show after show after show. — Rhys Thomas

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