Flying Clipper, Juggle Monk, and Plush Puppies OH MY!!

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The Juggle Monk, Peter Irish is a unique juggler who combines hands and feet when he juggles. He is approaching eight balls juggling three on his feet while maintaining five in the hands. No one on the planet can do what Peter Irish can do. If you want to find out how he does it, you should consider attending this years’ International Jugglers’ Convention July 16- 22 in Winston-Salem North Carolina.  


Peter will be doing workshops teaching all who are interested in the fundamentals of hands and feet juggling. Being a long time friend of the Flying Clipper brothers, Peter has recently become involved in helping Flying Clipper design the perfect ball for hands and feet juggling. The ball that we came up with is the new Tossaball® Plush Puppy t.m.. Peter now uses them exclusively in all his performances. Flying Clipper and Peter will debut the new Plush Puppy  at the convention later this month.

Be sure to look for them at by the middle of this month. Hats off to Peter Irish for all of his help in the design of yet another amazing handmade juggle ball in the Tossaball®line-up.

Keep in touch because Flying Clipper will soon debut the all new innovative and unique Tossaball® Phat Tyre t.m. juggle ball which we believe will be the best all around juggle ball we have ever produced.

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